How Alien Flier Zip Line Trolleys Came To Be

After playing with an inexpensive plastic zip line ride at a friend's house, my daughters asked me to build them one. A close inspection of the toy left me concerned about their safety. With no seat, poor construction and a plastic handle, clearly falling prevention was one of the design improvement we had in mind.

We began designing and building them a safe, fast and fun backyard zip line trolley system that did not require a PhD to install or use. Our zip line trolley needed to incorporate premium materials, practical safety features and be cost effective to buy and install for regular everyday people interested in home zip lines and backyard adventure.

After several prototypes, each successive one faster and simpler to use, the Alien Flier AF-Xtreme made its first run.

Zip Line Safety - Zip Line Fun

With integrated speed control, always-included Stop Block system, and a ground level entry design, the Alien Flier zip line kit offers homeowners, kids (and kids-at-heart) a safer home zip line experience, without compromising speed. Our design philosophy means you can enjoy your backyard zip line with confidence.

With Alien Flier, once you have properly installed your cable system, you are ready to go! No crazy launch towers to build, feeble ladder contraptions or scary tire bumpers stops needed. You simply sit down at ground level in a comfortable, safe and durable seat and the zip trolley is towed into position.

When ready, gravity will take you on the zip ride of your life, a ride which you can end anytime you choose with a simple lever activated trolley speed control located right above the anti-spin zip trolley handle. No other home zip line kit is safer, easier to use or more fun than an Alien Flier!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not completely satisfied with the construction or the performance, simply send it back to us with a copy of your receipt in the box and we will gladly give you a refund, less original shipping cost. Units received in "new" condition will receive a 100% refund, units with obvious signs of wear will be charged a 35% refurbishing fee.

If you receive a damaged unit, please contact our Customer Service department for further information about obtaining a replacement.

Purchases of Alien Flier products should be made only directly from Alien Flier, LLC or from an authorized dealer. Alien Flier warrantees are applicable only to those purchases made directly from Alien Flier, LLC or through an authorized reseller. Warrantees are non-transferrable and are made void for purchases of used or unauthorized Alien Flier products. To check if you have purchased your product from an authorized reseller, please contact us at